We are carrying out a campaign of solidarity to help the Escuela Libre de Constitución

In the school we collaborate in solidarity. It is a self-managed project that began 8 years ago and does not receive any kind of subsidies, nor salaries. We believe in the collective construction of knowledge through critical thought and we try to switch competition for solidarity, authority for dialogical relationship, hiearchical structure for assembly decisions.

You can collaborate with the school in many ways, but this time we are requesting financial contributions. Inscriptions are free, since it is a popular school and we want all those living in ished neighborhood of Constitución and its surroundings to be able to attend.

The intention of this Blog is to collect resources to cover the expenses of the premises for the year 2018. The expenses we have are very high and we find it difficult to finance them. All income we receive from this campaign will be dedicated to this, none of us who work in this project receive any payment, all the contribution we make is volontary and in solidarity.

The space we share with the FLA, Argentinian Libertarian Federation, which also develops self-managed activities. Both organizations are independent, but coincide in criteria of horizontality and self-management.

We decided to turn to the Blog as a way of putting together our own crowdfunding system.

Thank you very much ! You are all invited to visit the school whenever you like.